Anik Singal’s New Book Release – eSCAPE

Anik Singal eScape book review

This is the best opportunity for everyone who is looking for some kind of free advice, inspiration or motivation to start own successful business implementing online media.

Just check out this website and links on 14th of August, when the big launch of Anik Singal’s new book takes a place.

Just to quickly tell what’s the book about in a few sentences.

The full name of the book goes eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.

So just from the name of the book we can kind of get what the book is all about even if we don’t know who the hell is Anik Singal.

The book is about the Entrepreneurship and Business, step by step guide on how to start and build a multimillion-dollar business relatively fast.

The eSCAPE book is also kind of a reflection on Anik’s business journey, how he succeeds and fails, and gets up again.

To get the book click here.